Action Urgente : Arrêtons la Minera San Xavier!

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Vous trouverez ci-joint et ci-dessous l'appel urgent du Frente Amplio Opositor a la Minera San Xavier, San Luis Potosí, Mexique, à écrire aux autorités mexicaines et canadiennes pour exiger l'accomplissement immédiat de la loi et le départ de l'entreprise minière canadienne San Xavier/New Gold qui, depuis 1996, opère à Cerro de San Pedro, SLP, en générant de graves impacts environnementaux et sociaux et cela sans aucune autorisation légale, ce qui vient d'être confirmé par une nouvelle sentence du Plein du Tribunal Federal de Justice fiscale et administrative du Mexique. La compagnie a déposé un recours, maintenir la pression internationale est donc de première importance pour que la loi soit respectée. Merci de diffuser largement dans vos réseaux.

Merci pour votre solidarité !

Below you will find an urgent action call-out from the Frente Amplio Opositor a la Minera San Xavier, San Luis Potosí, Mexico to send to Mexican and Canadian authorities demanding the application of the law and the immediate departure of New Gold-Minera San Xavier that has been operating in the Cerro de San Pedro since 1996. The project has engendered severely harmful environmental and social impacts despite the fact that not all of their permits are legal. This was confirmed by a recent ruling of Mexico’s superior court of fiscal and administrative justice. The company is seeking an injunction. International pressure is critical if justice is to be carried out. Thank you for your solidarity.

Esteemed Sirs, Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa, President of Mexico, Lic. Fernando Gómez Mont, Secretary of Gobernación, Presiding Minister Guillermo I. Ortiz Mayagoitia, Supreme Court of Mexico, Dr. José Luís Soberanes Fernández, President of the CNDH, Luis Felipe Bravo Meno, Private Secretary to the President of the Republic; Mr. Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada, Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources.

Esteemed Sirs, Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada; Guillermo E. Rishchynski, Ambassador of Canada to Mexico; Douglas Chalborn, Canadian Embassy in Mexico; esteemed Michaelle Jean, Governor General of Canada.

Given the latest ruling of the Mexican tribunals on the 24th of September, 2009, which ratifies the sentence of 2005 that revoked the land use change permit of the Canadian mining company New Gold – Minera San Xavier’s open-pit mine at Cerro de San Pedro, we demand that the governments of Mexico and Canada::

1. The full respect and application of Mexican laws, laws which have been systematically violated by the Canadian mining company New Gold through its fully-owned subsidiary Minera San Xavier since its arrival at Cerro de San Pedro, San Luis in 1995.

2. The immediate departure of this company, the definitive halt of its illegal operations; the remediation of the impacts it has caused in the zone until the present day; and a full investigation to bring to justice those responsible for this political, juridical, historical and environmental crime.

3. The creation of international laws that will protect the communities of the world from the pillage of its lands and natural resources by transnational mining corporations, especially those based in Canada.

4. We make manifest here our solidarity with the inhabitants of the valley of San Luis Potosi, who for ten years have had to endure an illegal corporation that was able to work with impunity in this area thanks to corruption and the trafficking of influence.

5. Complete respect of the Federal Tribunal of Administrative and Fiscal Justice’s ruling of the 24th of 2009 which ratifies the earlier ruling of 2005 that revokes the land use change permit the company legally requires to operate, rulings that were ignored due to the delinquent actions of various authorities at the highest levels.

6. We recall the phrase of the Benemérito de las Americas, Benito Juarez Garcia, "From the respect of the rights of others comes peace." In the same spirit we demand the respect for Cerro de San Pedro, the inhabitants of the valley of San Luis Potosí and for Mexico.

With expectation and confidence, we offer our most attentive regards.

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Excellent article, je vous

Excellent article, je vous souhaite une bonne continuation :)



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